The gift and the lesson of illness

It was the Italian Carlo Rubbia, in 1984, who received the Nobel Prize for discovering that the ratio between energy and mass is 1 billion to 1. This means that if one is to observe only recognisable and measurable matter through chemistry and mechanics, one will only observe ONE BILLIONTH of reality – the rest is energy! Allowing this information to sink into your consciousness can affect your outlook on everything…

What has been known by intuitives for millennia has been increasingly confirmed by neuroscience and quantum medicine over the last two decades: our bodies are energetic, vibrational, and exceedingly more complex, and indeed poetic, than average limited human senses can fathom.

Illness, in reality, reflects the intelligent biological programming of our bodies, and is always an invitation, a path to wellness. It arises as a response to a conflict – an  imbalance which is primarily energetic – and it occurs as a means to attempt rebalance. This ‘rebalance’ is achieved by way of transformation within ourselves.

Self-observation is the school of feeling is the path to wellness

‘To heal’ therefore is to receive a message contained by an illness, to accept that something is trying to speak to us, and to adhere to the request for a change or transformation in our behaviour.

The ‘root’ or the ’cause’ of all illness is multi-dimensional and lies far from the organs, tissues or cells that are ‘mal-functioning’. Symptoms in the body reflect the ultimate stages of dis-ease or imbalance at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level (usually each symptom is the combined product of all four) and are completely unique to each person.

4 bodies
Beyond physical – causes of illness are profoundly complex

Before symptoms become chronic or clinical diagnoses are made, illness is formed by energetic movements, e-motions, traumas and conflicts as we encounter and respond to life. The biography of a person translates as their biology.

This may sound provocative or paradoxical to some, especially those who do not ‘beleieve’ in ‘alternative’ healing but we are living in a time of scientific discoveries so transformative, that we must surpass dichotic thinking.

What all doctors, psychologists and therapists today must come to understand, is that whether chemicals are used or not, all healing is ‘self-healing’; all healing is a response to illness that sufficiently alters a person’s physical/ mental/ emotional patterns, beliefs/ habits or allows them to forgive/ release/ find peace.

Healing is not the removal of a body part only to find that the same disease returns. Healing is not popping enough pills to numb yourself even more to life. Healing is not weakness, hopelessness, shame.

“The healer’s gift is her own wound. It’s the source of empathy and true understanding of compassion and forgiving. To heal thyself embrace your wound as your sacred teacher.”


Most people in the Western world are TERRIFIED of disease. They feel helpless against it, and hopeless in the face of it. But when you understand that dis-ease is simply that – a lack of ease going through life – a need to find ease to go forward – the story is yet to be written. Nobody can dictate to you how things will unfold.

Self-healing undermines the healthcare (or as we could say ‘sickcare’) professionals – the doctors and the surgeons – and indeed the very notion of any person who calls themselves a ‘healer’. One can only be the ‘healer’ of oneself.

It is natural at first to find this information itself also scary, intimidating, guilt-inducing. But the truth is it can be no other way. Ultimately, with acceptance, with the drive to survive this understanding erodes our fear of all things. Self-awareness breeds self-agency.

We live in a time where it is estimated that a mere 5-7% of our experiences are processed consciously. Do you believe that the rest is out with our perception and influence, or are you willing to open your head and your heart to explore the possibilities?

Light – what can you really see?

Perhaps Italy is where I had to be to find this attitude; a rare place in the West where life does not run by regulation and authority, where the mafia and ‘la famiglia’ hold force, where remnants of catholicism have left a strong trace of mysticism, where individualism is encouraged and pleasure is savoured and food (the most basic physical experience) defines a way of life. Perhaps, also, it helps that I am a woman and that we live in the times that we do. Yin and Yang, highs and lows,

The inspiration for this article comes to me after translating an invaluable book titled The Anatmoy of Healing by Dr. Fancesca Erica Poli, an Italian psychotherapist dedicated to Integrative Medicine. And, of course, as ever, I have witnessed the same message shared in all of my classes with the creator of Italian Facial Reflexology (Dien Chan Zone®), a therapist, a true healer and incredible woman, Beatrice Moricoli.

All reflexologists are working with energy. So too are allopathic doctors, nurses, carers, teachers, bankers, chefs and even construction workers… ONE BILLIONTH of our world is waiting to be touched/ felt/ seen/ heard/ tasted. Come to observe the materials you are made of and unveil your responsibility but also your power. I implore you.

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