Facial Reflexology

The key to well-being: your face reflects all pain and dis-ease in the body

Effective: treatments are thoroughly relaxing and results are often immediate

Revolutionary: an affordable and accessible therapy that puts healing in your hands

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To date, Helen Black is the only native English speaker to be trained in Dien Chan Zone ® at the International Academy of Italian Facial Reflexology (AIRFI) in Milan, Italy. She first encountered the method in 2014 and soon came to recognise it as unique within its genre – effective on a wide scale and with countless applications.

She has long been passionate about empowering people with practical and effective tools for self-care and transformation. Therein, it has become her mission to share this simple, accessible and affordable health tool with the world.

Qualified in Facial Reflexology (Multireflexology), Foot Reflexology, Level 1 Reiki and the ‘Blowing Technique’ she finds the work of a therapist an act of energy, of presence, and of attention. These are qualities she seeks to develop in all areas of her work. Whilst her childhood obsession with gemstones has manifested a jewellery line called ‘Mallika‘; her long-standing interest in natural beauty has led to a love affair with crystal ‘Gua Sha’ tools which she incorporates in the Dien Chan Zone® Beauty Massage.

Helen offers treatments, workshops and courses in Milan, LondonEdinburgh and beyond. Visit her Facebook page to stay up to date with events near you.

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“I do not enjoy massages and never have, even my monthly facial induces anxiety, but this was something different. I fell asleep! It felt like a dance across my face”

“I used to attend regular accupunture appointments to treat my chronic back pain. I have finally found a treatment more relaxing and renewing which I can use independently. I never imagined that was possible”

“It was a miracle to be pain free at last! Helen showed me how to stimulate and release the pain myself… it has improved my locked shoulder and neck pain drastically”

“It was my first time trying reflexology… Helen made me feel instantly at ease and extremely relaxed. She immediately pinpointed a problem area I have with back pain related to hip flexibility and was really helpful in advising self-treatment”

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